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Money Making Apps – Part 1

January 19, 2018 Saving Tips, Uncategorized

How would you like to earn yourself some extra cash in 2018?! We assume the answer is yes, so let us continue!

We have five apps which could earn you an extra £50 per month! That’s an additional £600 a year! By adding these apps and signing up, you can avoid future Installment Payday Loans. So go and grab your phone and follow this guide:

Set up an Amazon Seller Account

Setting up an Amazon account is a fairly easy process. It may help if you have two devices due to login security reasons. Amazon prefer to produce a QR code, and you will need another device to scan the

Once you have your Amazon account set up, you can freely sell pretty much anything. It helps if the item still has its original package with the barcode, as you’re able to scan.

So go on, sign up to the Amazon Seller Account and look for things that are unused around your home!


Do you have a spare room in your home? If so, have you ever thought about making the most of it?
Okay, so it will help if you live near a town or city that tourists regularly visit, but if not, you can still create an account! Many people are not flocking to Airbnb as an alternative to expensive hotel costs. If your town doesn’t generate much tourism, there will still be businessmen and families visiting colleagues and loved ones.

There’s no harm done adding your room onto the app, and signing up is quick and simple. A couple of bookings a month, and you could make up to £1200 a year! A great alternative for Installment Payday Loans


Do you have an open and empty driveway going spare? Maybe your children have moved on to University and you’re left with a lot of empty space for most of the year. Well, now you can make money from that space!

It does help if you live near a city or town, or maybe a location which stages events, such as football grounds. Similar to Airbnb, there is no harm done by registering your free space!


Do you find yourself continuously picking up your phone through mediocre TV programmes after of work? Of course you do – everyone does! Instead of looking at useless content on social media for the tenth time in a row, make the most of your time. iPoll allow people to take surveys, and get paid for it! The longer you spend taking the polls, the more you earn!


Slidejoy is an android app which pays users to have advertisements on their phone. When a user unlocks their phone, they are presented with an advertisement or article. To learn more about it, they can scroll left, or upwards, for another article.

You’ll basically get paid for doing very little!

So there you have it, five free apps which will make you some spare dosh! Loanline are always there if you need our services, but by becoming money smart, you can avoid the odd Installment Payday Loans throughout the year.