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Who We Are?

Pixie Loans is an ethical, short-term payday and unsecured loan broker, who work with a variety of lenders within the payday loan, car loan, homeowner loan and personal loan market, ensuring our customers receive the best possible outcome. In addition to operating under regulations of the FCA, PixieLoans ensure all lenders we work with operate on the same principles.

We at Pixie Loans continually strive to deliver top customer service and provide top level support for our customers. If our customers have any queries or issues with their service, we have a complaints procedure in place. PixieLoans also promotes fair and responsible lending across the industry. So, all of our customers can apply for loans, knowing they’re in good hands. We recommend that customers seeking bad debt loans seek financial advice.

What We Offer?

If you apply directly with a lender, they may not have the best price in the market and you may not meet their criteria. As a result of working with a high number of lenders, we consequently improve your chances of finding a suitable personal loan, at a better rate. Rather than you having to complete several timely applications, Pixie Loans do the hard work for you, scouring the market instantaneously.

As a result of having excellent relationships with many of the UK lenders, we increase the amount of options at your disposal. Furthermore, by adhering to FCA regulations, we can know for certain that the lenders we direct you to are ethical and trustworthy.

Why Pixie Loans

We use a large variety of lenders in our panel, so you are more likely to get a loan, having to only make one application! We only work with reputable lenders that are also registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.

Our service is free.

We have made the process easy for you to apply

We operate under the regulations set out by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).


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One application, multiple lenders

Multiple Loan Options

We have a wide variety of unsecured, car and homeowner lenders, and will search the lenders that match your needs.

Competitive Rate

We will always look for the best rate for you, that provides a loan you can afford.

Safe & Secure

Our site is safe, and all your data is encrypted. We follow security protocols and procedures in place to keep you safe.

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