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SAVE BIG on your TV package

January 26, 2018 Saving Tips

As you’re probably aware, satellite TV packages offer hundreds of channels, but it comes with a big cost. These costs have seen people leaning towards illegal TV boxes, such as the Kodi box. Not only is the government waging war against these illegal streaming boxes, the likes of Virgin and Sky are feeling the effects. As a consequence, the mainstream telecommunications companies are jumping over themselves to find new ways of attracting customers.

A step by step guide to 20% off your Sky Package

Sky customers can now pick and choose which channels that would like on their package, giving customers more flexibility in terms of what they do – and do not – want to pay for. Fair deal, right? Well, for a full package deal, you’d be looking around £100, as prices fluctuate regularly.

To reduce these heavy costs, follow these steps:

1. Log onto your account via the Sky website
2. Search for the page ‘Thinking of Cancelling’ page
3. You should see a section “Still looking to cancel?” – click on TV under this
4. If you’re eligible for discount, you will be redirected to a questionnaire page, asking you why you wish to cancel. Click the option that mentions high costs
5. Sky should then offer you some form of discount – read through the T&Cs and understand whether this works for you
6. If you’re still not happy with the charges, we recommend phoning Sky’s retention team and tell them what discount you require to stop you from leaving for a competitor

Bundling up

If you have found yourself paying for your broadband and TV with separate companies, you may want to investigate the option of bundling up. Virgin Media’s current TV package for example, is £21 a month, and around £45 a month with broadband.

Take advantage of comparison sites

Comparison sites are completely free, so take advantage of them! Sites such as uSwitch and MoneySupermarket will allow you to compare prices and packages across a range of different providers, allowing you to choose the best package for you.

How can Loanline help

If you’ve decided to switch providers and it includes an installation cost which you cannot cover, Loanline can help you get accepted for Cash Loans for bad credit borrowers or instalment loans, if you wish to cover the costs over 31 days. Cash Loans for bad credit borrowers has high acceptance rates, which means, if you’ve been accepted for a TV package, you may also be accepted for this type of short term loan, too.