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Claw back some pounds from your supermarket

February 2, 2018 Saving Tips

Phew! It’s the end of the month, you have a nice day off, too! But, for some reason at this point, finances are a little tight. Is there anything that can help?

Don’t shop when you’re hungry

If you play to do a food-shop today, don’t go on an empty stomach! – you will certainly buy more than you need. Make a list, and stick to it. Plus, you will have no unnecessary duplicates. Consider applying for any available store cards or voucher schemes.

Utilise that slow-cooker

Do you own a slow-cooker? You can buy cheaper cuts of meat due to cooking it for longer, at a slower temperature. Vegan and vegetarian meals can really save you a bob or two from using the slow cooker.

Check the labels

Do not assume that BOGOF meals are cheaper. Check both the individual prices, as well as the overall weight. If for example, you see a 250g tub of butter, and you get one free, see if the larger tubs work out better for pence per gram.

Always do a cupboard check

Always do a cupboard and fridge check before making your shopping list. This way, you avoid buying food you do not need. You may also find items and realise you’re only short of a few items for a certain recipe. By doing this, you are utilising all the food available, cutting back mega pounds on your overall shopping bill.

Advantages of shopping online

Shopping online can also save you some valuable pounds, especially if you live a considerable distance away from your nearest supermarket. When you book online, you will be presented with available time-slots. You can choose when you want your food delivered – the later times are usually cheaper. By doing this, you could save some extra pounds on the travel.

Furthermore, shopping online reduces temptation. Walking past 50% discounts on Terry’s Chocolate Oranges won’t happen when you’re shopping online *wink wink*.

Get online discount

When you become a regular customer of a certain supermarket, and give them a miss for a few weeks, they’ll wonder why. You should receive a “we’ve missed you” email, followed by some discount to entice you back as a regular customer.

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