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For the cash-savvy traveller

February 5, 2018 Saving Tips

If you’re currently going through some winter-blues and are in dire need of a cheap get-away, look no further than this article. Here, we will provide you with some savvy tips to help you budget your next holiday.

Protect yourself

Before you do anything, you must remember to protect yourself with some insurance. If unfortunate accidents do occur whilst you’re abroad, it’s not uncommon for hospitals to refuse treatment. To cut back costs, visit insurance comparison sites such as GoCompare and MoneySupermarket, and choose the best package for you.

Join Free Memberships

When travelling, try to understand what services you will be using, and sign up to any free memberships. There are numerous airline memberships you can sign up to, and receive airline miles and points. Think about what restaurants you will potentially visit and whether or not the hotel you’re visiting offers any loyalty schemes. If you want to travel frequently for leisure or whether it is for business, these schemes could save you hundreds of pounds. Also, if you’re a loyal member to a hotel chain, you get that extra royalty treatment.

Smart eating

When flying, any liquids over 100 millilitres are banned from your hand luggage. However, food is allowed. Instead of forking out on expensive food in the airport, pack some snacks. You may find yourself at the airport past midnight and feel peckish, with nowhere open for food. You’ll be glad you thought ahead and packed them snacks!

Just because you’re abroad, it doesn’t mean you cannot order your food online. Search for supermarkets which deliver, and you can have a weeks supply of food supplied to your apartment or villa.

When booking your holiday, look out for any apartments that include a grill and stove. What is the price difference? Would you save any money by cooking your own breakfast and lunch?

Check local prices

If you’re stuck on two possible destinations, maybe the local prices could sway your mind. Let’s say you have a place in mind you would prefer to visit, but the hotel is more expensive, don’t let this deter you. Local food and drink prices may be considerably cheaper, meaning your preferred holiday would have been cheaper in the grand scheme of things. Check out holiday reviews and destination reviews. You are literally spoilt for choice when it comes to chatter about travelling online. Go research!

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