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Tips for working from home during the Coronavirus lockdown

April 15, 2020 Lifestyle

While we are making every effort to follow the Government’s advice to work from home, some are finding it difficult to get into a working routine. Here are some tips for working from home during the coronavirus lockdown, as the battle to stop the spread of coronavirus is stepped up!

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, we are urged to follow the advice from the Prime Minister, the Health Secretary Matt Hancock and the Chief Medical Officer. We must stay at home when we can, while protecting others and ourselves by minimising the chances of contracting coronavirus.

We are asked to only leave home when it’s essential – for exercise, visiting the shop and/or chemists for essential items, caring for a vulnerable person, or going to and from work if you are a key worker. Staying at home is crucial during the covid-19 lockdown, while ensuring social distancing is in place while we are out.

If you’re one of the many people now working from home, you may notice a lack of motivation. Creating a workspace in your home is essential to avoid this. Ensure you have enough room to work efficiently while removing any items that may cause a distraction. Make sure other members of your household know not to disturb you while you’re working, unless it is necessary.

Continue with your usual work routine. Get dressed, have breakfast, walk the dog. In order to get the best from working from home, treat it as if you’re not. For many people, the morning commute to work can help to wake them up while getting them fully ready for the day. Give the day a kick-start by going for a walk, jog, or whichever form of exercise suits you best. In addition to being good for your health, it can help to minimise that feeling of cabin fever!

Under normal circumstances, if you usually work 9-5 hours, do the same hours at home – don’t give yourself the mindset of ‘If I start at 10, I’ll finish at 6’.  Keep your set breaks throughout the day and have regular breaks from your workload, especially if you’re working at a computer screen. Keep your day structured, the same way it would be if you were in the office.

Not only can working from home get lonely, but you may also worry that you’re missing things from colleagues and employers. Keep in contact with work colleagues throughout the day, via messages and/or video calls

Remote working can be difficult but there are ways to make you feel more comfortable while doing so. On the other hand, there may also be things you are doing which are making it harder for you – whether you’re aware of it or not. Social media can be a huge distraction.

Although your main focus for the day is work, the occasional notification from social media platforms can make a major difference to your productivity. A quick reply to a friend leads to a full conversation and before you know it, you’ve successfully wasted an hour. Remove social media sites from your computer and put your phone on silent. Remind yourself of the rules and policies used in your office and continue them at home.

Work on only one thing at a time. Although you may be tempted to start multiple things at once to feel more productive or to give yourself a break from a certain job, you’ll benefit more from completing one task at a time. Create a to-do list and work your way through it, one by one.

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