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Tax Relief For The Employed

July 3, 2020 Financial Tips

Are you sure you are claiming what you can for income tax relief? If you are employed, the expenses you can claim will differ from self-employment. If you use your own money for things you must buy for work, you may be eligible to claim for income tax relief. 

  • Uniforms, work clothing and tools- you may be eligible for tax relief on the cost of repairing/ replacing tools you need to do your job, e.g., scissors or an electric drill. Also, for repairing, replacing, or cleaning specialist clothing, e.g. a uniform or safety boots. 
  • Vehicles you use for work- this does not include travelling to and from work, but if you use your car for work. You may be entitled to relief on agreed mileage, fuel, road tax, MOTs, and repairs. 
  • Travel and overnight expenses- if you have an overnight stay in a hotel that is work-related, you can claim tax relief. Also, in this category is public transport costs, food and drink, parking fees, business calls and printing costs. 
  • Professional fees and subscriptions- This only applies if you have to be a member of an organisation to do your job. 
  • Working at home- you may only claim for things to do with your work, such as telephone calls, the extra cost of gas and electricity etc. You cannot claim against something that you use privately as well as for business. 
  • Buying other equipment- in most cases, tax relief on the full cost of an item such as a computer, an item that you have to buy to do your work. It wouldn’t apply to vehicles, but you may find you qualify for business mileage.  
  • If you have to use your own mobile phone, you may be able to reclaim income tax relief on this too. For cheap mobile SIM offers, please visit flexsimba.co.uk. 

Any tax income relief is based on what you have spent and the rate of tax you pay. Keep any records for what you have spent and ensure you have claimed within four years of the end of the tax year that the money was spent. 

Again, as with the self-employed, the government website has more detail on there for employed taxpayers, so be sure to follow this link: 


And for further help with any type of income tax, please click here: