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Financial Tips: Simple money saving tips

August 30, 2017 Financial Tips

Avoid late charges with Weekend Payday Loans

Weekend payday loans are readily available through Loanlineuk.net. If you have multiple payments to make and you are unable to do so before your payday, Weekend Payday Loans could be a much cheaper option for you. Before agreeing to any loan, get a clear understanding of what charges you would incur.



Pay off the highest APR

Are you in a situation where you’re trying to pay off multiple credit cards? Do you level out your payments for each account? This is all well and good if your accounts all have the same APR, but that will be unlikely. Our tip is to spend more on the credit card with the highest APR to avoid the higher interest, and work your way down. However, low interest on credit cards which increase after a certain amount of time, should be considered.


Negotiate new APR rates

It’s common for credit card companies to bump up your interest rates. Missing payments or low interest rates for a certain time only, will result in interest rates rising. However, what you may not know is, you can call up and negotiate a new APR rate. Most companies have negotiating teams. After all, they don’t want you to do a balance transfer, which leads onto the next point.


Switching accounts

Are you being charged way too much interest? As mentioned previously, maybe this is due to a late payment and you feel a little hard-done by! If the negotiating team refuse to lower the interest to a point where swapping accounts isn’t worth the effort – switch accounts. Go hunting for the best deal for you and do a balance transfer.


Coupon Apps

Coupon Apps are an excellent way to save money, and it takes very little effort. There are a range of coupon apps to choose from today. These apps remove the annoyance and time wasted, cutting out and keeping coupons in good enough condition to use. The likes of SnipSnap and Shopkick allow you to upload, “clip” and scan coupons at the checkout of the store. The whole process is very simple – give it a whirl!


Make meal plans

How much food food waste do you create on a monthly, yearly basis? It’s nothing something we measure, but the results would no doubt shock you. The average UK family is waste double the amount they thought they were. Latest figures show that a family of four, on average, is wasting over £60 a month on food waste.

To counter this problem, set meal plans and stick to them. Sit down and plan what you will eat, and when you will cook it. Not motivated to do this? How does £720 a year savings work? Get planning!


Avoid buying brands

Before you think “i don’t buy branded clothing anyway”, we aren’t just talking about clothing. Did you know, a lot of the branded food you buy, is made in the same warehouse with similar ingredients than the cheaper, discounted food? For half the price, you’re virtually buying the same thing.