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5 Ways YOU can save £100 or more, TODAY!

May 23, 2018 Financial Advice, Financial Tips

There are two ways to ensure you have more money in your pocket at the end of each month. One way is to earn more. We all know that is easier said than done. The other way is to save more. Many people save what they have left (and often, that is nothing, so nothing gets saved), but if we can find ways to reduce our expenditure, we may find we have a small amount to put away, or to spend on luxuries that we may otherwise be unable to afford.

That’s why we’ve come up with a list of 5 things you can do to save you £100+ a month, today! That’s right, TODAY! These are 5 things that many of us will happily spend money on without a second thought. But by taking a moment to think about how we might be able to get on without these things, or how to reduce the cost of those things, we can be £100 or more better off every single month.

That’s £1,200 every year!

Cancel that Sky / Virgin / BT TV Package

TV subscriptions are expensive, and modern technology gives us better ways of watching what we want (think Netflix, Prime TV, and other options). If you’re not ready to go streaming only, remember there’s Freeview, which costs absolutely nothing (other than your TV license fee, which you’re paying for anyway).

Most TV packages cost between £30 – £75 a month. We reckon that most people could save £35 a month. You may currently watch hours of TV every evening, but perhaps now is the time to commit to less TV and instead, reap the benefits of improved health, better relationships and a great night’s sleep.

Total saved so far: £35.

Check Your Broadband Deal

Broadband is a necessity in our modern way of life, so much so that the Government has recently declared it a legal right for all UK homes and business by 2020. We rely on our broadband connection for work, leisure, streaming, and more. However, there are millions of people who are out of contract and could – if they so wished – switch to a cheaper deal (and probably one with a higher speed). Many people are paying £35 a month or more for their broadband. However, the cheapest offer on the market at time of writing sits with TalkTalk, who are offering Broadband for £17 a month. That’s an £18 saving each month.

Total saved so far: £53.

Got a Gym Membership?

Gym memberships vary wildly, some costing as little as £15 a month, some as expensive as £120 a month. Our research shows that the average council run gym charges a monthly fee of £35 a month. If you don’t use it, then you should cancel it right away. If you are into your fitness however, you should consider other options, like using free guest passes, or taking advantage of local outdoor parks. Body weight training is a great way to keep in shape too.

Total saved so far: £88.

How much does your mobile cost you a month?

Mobile phones cost a small fortune if you have to buy a handset up front in cash. And that’s only the start. That doesn’t include the monthly running cost for minutes, data and texts. Or, you may have to sign up to a contract that costs a hefty price every month.

With mobiles lasting longer and longer (assuming you don’t drop it and crack it) and features changing less and less, people are less inclined to go and get the latest mobile for themselves. There may be many people who are in contract, and cannot stop paying (without any financial repercussions), but who may have the option of dropping down a tariff (so instead of paying £40 a month, can drop down to £30 or £35 a month). It’s worth a call to your network provider.

There are many people who are paying their £40 a month, but who are now out of contract (have completed the usual minimum 24 months). People in this situation should consider keeping their handset, and either opting for a SIM Only deal (costing £5 to £15 a month), or going Pay As You Go (costing you nothing each month if you don’t make calls / texts, and use WiFi instead of data). Our number crunching says people can save at least £10 a month, and sometimes as much as £40 a month.

Total saved so far: £98.

Cancel those monthly subscriptions

Do you sponsor endangered polar bears, children in poverty, or lions and tigers that are being hunted? Many of us have felt compelled to donate, but when it comes to getting our financial affairs in order, we must put ourselves first, especially when the cause we have donated to is no longer a cause we care (so much) about.

And then there’s magazine subscriptions that we get but never read, things like Graze Boxes which we eat but could do without and more. It’s worth checking your bank statement for anything you’re not aware of (the small ones hide easily, but together, add up significantly). Cancel those subscriptions immediately, you can make do without them, and save yourself £10 or more each month easily.

Total saved so far: £108.

DONE! £100 or more, saved!

There it is, we’ve come up with ways to save you £108 that you can make happen, TODAY! Make the calls or send the emails that you need in order to enact the changes suggested above. That £108 can often be far higher for many people, especially as they look at other areas where they are spending money unnecessarily.

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